Cami J Thomas

Cami is the Program Director for Public Allies at Eagle Rock (PAER). They manage the fellow program administratively but also serve as a mentor and coach to fellows through their PAER experience. Cami comes to us with over 5 years of experience with Public Allies (PA) programming. They are an alum of Public Allies Milwaukee where they also served as the Training and Learning Director. Cami has a variety of experiences that makes them uniquely qualified to cultivate a robust and effective Public Allies Program here at Eagle Rock. They earned their BA in Africology and their MA in African and African Diaspora Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Cami is dedicated to the liberation of Black people. Cami has served the academic and non-profit sectors in Milwaukee in program management, youth development, racial equity, and reproductive justice for over 10 years. Initially focused on economic development and financial independence, Cami served on many boards of cooperative businesses/organizations along with facilitating grassroots workshops and programs around supporting Black businesses. After serving in PA and having a child, they shifted their focus to understanding and implementing healing justice for Black and queer communities. In 2016, Cami co-founded the reproductive justice organization Maroon Calabash where they served as the Policy and Advocacy Director. Through their experiences as a parent, healing justice and beloved community have become the frameworks for how Cami executes their work focusing on relationship building and community care. Cami believes in the words of Fannie Lou Hamer “Nobody’s free, until everybody’s free.”

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I am really moved by young people discovering their own power.

My rock is my spiritual practice which keeps me grounded and grateful.

Julian Rechtschaffen

Julian is a Public Allies Fellow from Oakland, California. He attended school in Berkeley, CA and plans to take his education to UC Santa Cruz in the following years to continue studying both Childhood Psychology and Marine Biology. Julian found his passion working with youth when he joined a teen leadership program in a YMCA camp just outside of Santa Cruz and has spent the past five years working at Anthony Chabot Elementary School while also attending college. In his free moments, he takes time to appreciate the outdoors whether it be backpacking, playing sports, or reading under a tree.  Julian is excited to be at Eagle Rock and share his love for the outdoors with all the students here.

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Students inspire me when they discover new passions by stepping out of their comfort zone.

Jaina Cox

Jaina is a Public Allies Fellow who was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. She has had a passion for working with young people, ever since she can remember. She recently graduated from Ball State University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. There is a nice gap between Elementary and Secondary education, but Jaina is up for the change. Her life motto is if there is no challenge, then there is no growth, and Jaina doesn’t want to stop growing. There is always something new to learn. Jaina is enthusiastic about the opportunity to work at Eagle Rock .She is hopeful that through this experience, she’ll be even more prepared for her calling to be a change creator in education.

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Students inspire me when they are unapologetically and confidently themselves.

Angus Fake

Angus grew up in midcoast Maine, where he developed a love of nature and making. He found his passion for working with young people as a cabin and trip leader at Chewonki Camp for Boys. Angus spent four years living in Brooklyn, NY studying industrial design at Pratt Institute. He spent a summer teaching NYC teens literacy and math through the scaffold of design. After graduating, he spent the next year building a house, doing everything from wiring to operating an excavator. In his spare time, Angus enjoys hiking, skiing, sailing, and walks with his dog.

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Students inspire me when they discover a new passion.

Rosie Jacobs

Rosie is a Public Allies Fellow from Somerville, Massachusetts, who recently graduated from Earlham College with a BA in Environmental Sustainability. Growing up hiking in the White Mountains, attending sleep away camps, and having unstructured play in her backyard, helped to nourish Rosie’s enthusiasm for the outdoors. After spending some time in Mysuru, India, teaching english and entrepreneurship classes as well as teaching outdoor education on the Whanganui River in New Zealand, Rosie is excited to continue learning and creating with youth. She enjoys sharing her passions for film, baking, storytelling, and backpacking. Rosie hopes to use her time at Eagle Rock to explore her interest in alternative education and to build authentic relationships with those around her.

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Students inspire me when they get adults to play.

Mitaali Taskar

Originally from New Jersey, Mitaali moved to Montréal for university. There, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from McGill University. Her high school and university careers have been focused on science outreach and education in various forms. In high school, Mitaali worked on community engagement with STEAM through the local robotics team. She coordinated events for peers, children, and sponsors to emphasize the importance of STEAM education and its role in our future. In university, Mitaali focused on science outreach through clubs and initiatives on campus. In her time volunteering with Let’s Talk Science McGill, she reached out to students of all ages through classroom science demonstrations, museum activities, symposiums, and festival booths. She also co-facilitated the Broad Science Youth Radio Journalism Workshop, which taught local elementary students how to interview a McGill researcher on radio. Along with her time volunteering, she attended many workshops for cultivating Science Communication skills in different media and participated in a research project aimed at understanding youth-led inquiry on topics in science.

After university, Mitaali became the 2020/2021 Public Allies fellow at Eagle Rock. Here, she focused on sharing her culture and teaching math, research, and bioethics. As a second-year fellow, she hopes to continue deepening the relationships she has made at Eagle Rock and leave an impactful and sustainable mark.

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I’m really moved by passion and curiosity, especially in tangential thoughts.


Izy Lyon

Izy was born and raised in Northwest Montana and recently earned her Bachelor of Philosophy from The University of Montana. She has a passion for law and wants to create a career dedicated to making legal justice accessible to those who are often overlooked by the justice system. Throughout high school and college, she held various mentorship positions ranging from camp counselor to resident assistant and developed a love of working with, and learning from, young people. An advocate of civic engagement, Izy also participated in student government and campus clubs dedicated to environmental stewardship while earning her degree. In her time off, you will find her hiking, biking, backpacking, paddle boarding, climbing, or doing anything else that happens in the mountains.

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Students inspire me when they make brave choices to create the life they want.


Carolyn Plein

Carolyn (she/her/hers) is a 2nd year Public Allies Fellow concentrating in Health, Wellness, & Counseling. She was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to Texas when she was in high school. She graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work with a minor in Philosophy. Carolyn first discovered her passion for working with youth during her time in the teen leadership program at YMCA Camp Loma Mar. She later went on to be a staff member at camps in various positions and most recently worked as a Teen Leadership Program Director. During her time at UT Austin, Carolyn enjoyed participating in intramural basketball and student legislative organizations and worked with youth in various settings, including teaching coding to elementary-aged children and working with the YMCA of Austin. Carolyn joined Eagle Rock in ER-82 as a Health, Wellness, and Counseling Fellow and is excited to embark on a second year. She looks forward to continuing to discover new ways to engage and empower youth, and in particular for youth to feel empowered to take ownership and excitement over their own unique health and wellness journeys.

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I’m really moved by the power of community


Tay Verville

An advocate for unity, Tay embodies a philosophy of art & abolition, conversation & understanding, and critical & creative engagement. She spends most of her time connecting with nature and creating music. As a recent graduate of the University of Washington Bothell, Tay received degrees in American & Ethnic Studies, and Society, Ethics, & Human Behavior, with an emphasis in Human Rights, and Diversity Studies. By trade, Tay is a community organizer with centralized principles in abolition, labor organizing, community-political advocacy, and civic education. Tay believes that it is imperative to empower our youth to use their voices to uplift themselves and their communities. By passion, Tay is an artist who strives to hold space in the intersection between art and education. Tay believes that connecting the heart to the mind is one of the most powerful tools when building stable and long-term resonance. In her position at Eagle Rock, she looks forward to collaborating with youth and instructors to build innovative and impactful programs that target oppressive structures and dismantling single-sided historical narratives.

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My rock is quite literally a rock. Nature is my safe space.