Tyson Rose

Throughout his academic and professional career, Tyson has served as a teacher, administrator, mentor, advisor and advocate for students supporting access to education and developing a life-long love of learning and education. His own life experiences with mentors and supporters served to ignite his passion for supporting young people to take an active role in changing the world.

Prior to joining Eagle Rock, Tyson was a faculty member at the University of Hartford. He served for 6 years as Director and Principal Investigator for the Upward Bound Program at the University of Massachusetts. He has provided academic support to high school students to graduate students, numerous programming projects, and organized and facilitated workshops and training for staff and students. Tyson is an author and community activist, publishing articles on Hip Hop based Education and Access to Education.

Tyson served as the Assistant Residential supervisor at the A Better Chance House in Amherst, MA supporting high school students who travel from northeast states to pursue their educational goals. Tyson also worked for 12 years as a Civil and Environmental engineer in Massachusetts and California.

He is one of the original members and organizers of 3rd EyE Unlimited, a social justice, Hip Hop-based youth advocacy, activism, and community development organization. He served as an organizer and facilitator for the Julius Ford/Harriet Tubman Healthy Living Community, an intergenerational, anti-racist organization dedicated to fostering social justice and healthy, vibrant communities.

Tyson received a Bachelors’s in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a Masters’s in Social Justice Education from the University of Massachusetts.

Tyson has two sons, Phoenix and Onyx who are pursuing their own life goals in New York and Massachusetts.

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Students inspire me when they manufacture their own “Aha” moments, take ownership of their education, and realize they are experts of their own experience!

Alejandro Medina

Alejandro, an Eagle Rock graduate, returns to Eagle Rock as the Director of Operations. As of April 2021, Alejandro leads Eagle Rock’s finance, human resources, IT, facilities, maintenance, and business operations.  After graduating from Eagle Rock, Alejandro went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  From there Alejandro found success in several industries across different professional roles such as management consulting, pricing analysis, inventory management, process improvement, quality management, and operations management. Alejandro then went on to earn his MBA from Georgia Tech and have a successful career in Amazon where he helped launch various delivery services and led the global deployment of tech solutions across the several thousand Amazon locations.

Alejandro’s experience at Eagle Rock taught him that, with faith in oneself, he and his fellow students were capable of great things. He learned that he could take control of his life’s direction and not let his past dictate what his future would hold. Since his graduation, Alejandro’s dream was always to return to Eagle Rock to help add to the legacy of the school. For Alejandro, becoming a staff member at Eagle Rock was not just an amazing profession, but a calling. Alejandro rejoins our school to contribute to the success of all Eagle Rockers.

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Students inspire me when they recognize that they don’t have to continue making choices that lead to unfavorable results, and instead take the bolder approach to try something different and make better choices because they have come to understand… they are WORTH it. 



Beth Ellis

Beth Ellis is Eagle Rock’s Director of Students. Beth began her Eagle Rock career in 2004 with a Public Allies fellowship in the Learning Resource Center. After her fellowship year, Beth became the LRC Instructional Specialist, as well as an Aspen Houseparent. Beth moved to the student services team two years ago, where she now serves as the Associate Director of Students. In this role, Beth and her team support the visioning, development, and delivery of the residential life curriculum, which includes advisory, KP, evening activities, house life, and everything in between. Before ERS, Beth was a successful graphic designer at Catt Lyon Design in Cincinnati, Ohio. She also served a term at Public Allies Cincinnati as a community organizer at ECO: Environmental Community Organization. Beth earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning. She lives on campus and with her partner, Janet, and her right hand dog, Lucy.

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The thing I love most about Eagle Rock is the opportunity and responsibility to grown and learn every day.

Jesse Tovar

Jesse has a masters degree in clinical psychology from Geneva University in Switzerland and has successfully participated in multiple trainings regarding therapy with couples, families and teenagers. He has extensive experience working with teenagers and families in different mental health institutions. Jesse also has been involved in diverse programs relating to violence prevention, community and leadership in multicultural’s settings in different countries. Previous to Eagle Rock School he was directing a training center in Palo Alto, Calif., dedicated to providing professional development to a large variety of professionals working in the mental health and medical fields. Here at Eagle Rock, Jesse provides individual and group counseling, coordinates student mental health services outside the school, coordinates student psychotropic treatments with appropriate providers and provides support to teachers and house parents on campus.

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I’m really moved by witnessing teenagers working very hard to better their lives.

My favorite thing about Eagle Rock is observing our staff’s consistent efforts to always improve our work with teenagers.

Megan Rebeiro

Megan’s experience with Eagle Rock is rich, deep, and diverse, starting in the mid-90’s when she graduated from the school. Since then, Megan has been a sponsor of many Eagle Rock students, has been a guest instructor, and has taken the lessons she learned here and applied those to numerous educational and leadership positions she has held across the country. Megan returned to Eagle Rock in 2016 to serve as the Director of Students.  During that time, she restructured Student Services to better facilitate a 360˚ approach to student support. Megan was also responsible for the strategic implementation of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) work and in that capacity, she has provided transformational leadership.  In her current role as Head of School, Megan has been working closely with the Board of Directors and Jeff Liddle on completion of organizational priorities such as the Vision 2020 plan and the launch of our current focus areas. Megan brings boundless energy and an embodied commitment to young people. She started working in education in San Francisco in 1999 as an AmeriCorps Fellow, and continued her work in schools, non-profits, local community programs, and some of the largest, and well-respected youth programs across the country. Megan has served young people in roles ranging from teacher and coach to curriculum designer and school leader. Megan holds a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Massachusetts and a Master’s Degree from Boston University.  Megan lives on campus with her partner, Tara, their daughter, Keeilah, and their two dogs, Olive and KuMi. Megan’s journey proves that Eagle Rock graduates are prepared to make a difference in the world.

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Students inspire me …

Janet Johnson

Janet Johnson is Eagle Rock’s Director of Curriculum. Janet is responsible for all things related to the academic program, instruction, and curriculum at Eagle Rock. For the last four years, Janet has been the Director of Competency-Based Learning at RiseUp Community School in Denver, CO, where she facilitated the development and implementation of RiseUp’s learning competencies. She also held the position of Director of Curriculum at RiseUp. In addition, Janet served as Eagle Rock’s science instructor from 2001 – 2016, as well as a House Parent in Aspen House for 11 of those years. Janet earned her M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and her B.A. in Biology from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. Janet lives on campus with her partner, Beth, and their dog, Lucy.

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Students inspire me when they take charge of their learning and growth.