Michael Rose

Michael is the Mathematics Instructional Specialist at Eagle Rock. He was the mathematics fellow at Eagle Rock from 2007-08, and has been driving to engage youth in their own lives and education ever since. In the years since his fellowship, Michael has worked in NYC, Denver, and Nashville as a math and science teacher, and was also the COO of a startup. He believes that everyone is a mathematician and that everyone can love and understand math. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Economics from Asbury University and his Master’s degree in Education from Framingham State University. Michael has 3 inspiring kids and 2 goofy dogs with his partner, Hanna.

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My favorite thing about Eagle Rock is the constant push to grow.

My rock is traveling and having new experiences with my family.


Eric Ian Farmer


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I’m really moved by

Students inspire me when

Josh Morris

Josh Morris is our Science Instructional Specialist with a focus on S.T.E.A.M.. Josh is responsible for creating positive and memorable science experiences for all Eagle Rock students. Josh’s goal is to make sure all ERS students find their curiosity and excitement for how the world around them works. Josh is a member of the Pinon House team. For the past two decades Josh has been working in Youth Development and Science Evangelism. His experiences include 15 years as a camp counselor, guide, and director in the mountains of Estes Park; 16 years as a public school science teacher; 3 years as a science curriculum developer and trainer; 5 years as a creator and mentor in a progressive, project-based high school program; and 25 years as a science demonstrator and performer for audiences of all ages. Josh earned his undergraduate degree in Secondary Education at Kansas State University (KS) and his Master’s Degree at Emporia State University (KS). When he’s not busy with students, you can find Josh creating and building in the wood shop, hiking and camping with his dog, Midnight, rowing his raft down a big river, or fly fishing the streams, lakes, and rivers all over the Rocky Mountains.

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My rock is being in and exploring nature.

Students inspire me when they find and demonstrate passion in all they chose to do.

HaeJohn Medley

HaeJohn is the Art Instructional Specialist at Eagle Rock. His focus is to help young people understand, appreciate, and create artwork with the idea that it’s more than pretty pictures. Art is creativity, communication, problem-solving, and progress.  HaeJohn was born and mostly raised in Las Vegas, NV. Being raised by his Korean mother and American father helped him understand the world between cultures and how they influence each other. He started his Eagle Rock experience in 2004 as a students teacher and a year later, was awarded the Public Allies Visual Arts Fellowship at Eagle Rock. Since completing his fellowship, HaeJohn has been a freelance artist, public high school art teacher, K-8 private school art teacher, and in-home private instructor. During this time HaeJohn was also a part of the CCSD Art Education Standards Team, student council advisor, and Nobel Learning’s National Teacher of the Year semi-finalist. HaeJohn Graduated from Hastings College with a degree in K-12 art education with an emphasis in Ceramics and Psychology. HaeJohn currently resides in Spruce House accompanied by his dog Turbo.

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I’m really moved by people making tough decisions to better something that doesn’t directly impact them.

Students inspire me when they take charge of their success and joy.

Tara Jewell

Tara Jewell is our Literature and Literacy Instructional Specialist. Tara is a graduate of Eagle Rock School and has been working in education, on and off, for over 20 years. Tara has worked as a camp counselor, a school secretary, a special education crisis intervention specialist, a middle school humanities teacher, a health teacher, a youth advisor, an admissions associate, a high school placement counselor, and as a school director. Tara earned her undergraduate degree in English, Literature and Criticism, and her Master’s degree in Teaching both from the University of Massachusetts. She lives on campus with her partner, Megan, and their teenage daughter, Keeilah.

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Students inspire me when they learn to become fierce advocates for themselves and others. 



Josán Perales

Josán Perales is responsible for the World Language curriculum at Eagle Rock. Integrating his passions for social and environmental justice, into meaningful contexts and valuable projects that engage students to explore the world and their own identity and place in the world. Josán was born in Zaragoza, Spain to a Spanish mother and Puerto Rican father, and quickly began traveling some parts of the world throughout his youth. He hails from New Mexico, where he graduated High School and began his teaching career after receiving his BA in Spanish from Willamette University in Salem, OR. In his seven years cultivating an Expeditionary Learning school in Taos, NM, he co-founded Taos Youth Travel Club and co-led a trip to Costa Rica with students and family members. In addition to teaching Spanish, Josán was an instructional coach and curriculum-guide, taught Multicultural Leadership, Art & Media Leadership, and the job-shadow/Mentorship program at his previous school. He and his partner, Shawna, and son, Oliver, are entering their second year of House Parenting Ponderosa house.

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Students inspire me when they surmount both physical and mental challenges and reach beyond their own expectations.