TRUE NATURE: The David Sanchez Story (a 2011 graduate from Eagle Rock)

In this inspiring episode, veteran Street Poet David Sanchez remembers his epic journey from the streets of South Central L.A. to the confines of Central Juvenile Hall to the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains and California backcountry to the organic gardens that have become both his passion and his vocation.  As the founder of SEED & SOL ORGANIC GARDENING, David stands today as a living testament to the transformational power of poetry and the natural world.  We hope his story serves to remind you of your own true nature.


“TRUE NATURE: The David Sanchez Story”

is a production of Street Poets Inc. (

• Hosted by Art Quiros

• Produced by Chris Henrikson

• Editing & Sound Design by Art Quiros

• Interview with David Sanchez

• Original Poetry & Music by David Sanchez: this episode features original poems and songs including but not limited to: “Where was God?” “Home (Where I’m From),” “If You Knew Me,” “Grains of Hope,” “Little Man,” “Running” and “American Me.”  All of these tracks and more are available on Street Poets Inc. albums via SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

• Street Poets “I Got Love” Podcast Theme Music features:

Vocals by BRIA & Taylor Code, Music by Dave Wittman

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