Toronto Herald Star – Toronto schools partner in staff growth

By MARK J. MILLER – Staff writer

TORONTO, OHIO -The city school district has partnered with Eagle Rock Professional Development Center in Colorado to assist with new strategies for student and pupil success.

Eagle Rock, which is funded by the Honda Motors Corp., is a national staff development center that also schools at-risk pupils and students, according to Anastacia Galloway, Eagle Rock education consultant.

Galloway was at the city high school Thursday.

“I live in Colorado, and I provide professional development for schools all over the country,” said Galloway, adding she was in Toronto to help develop a long-term, professional development program.

The idea was for educators to get together and look for data-driven trends in education of pupil and student learning in the school district, she said. Then Galloway helps the staff use that information to better the curriculum taught, she said.

“We’re looking at data (generated) by the students and pupils,” she said, adding the staff is meeting to discusses the data and “have meaningful discussions,” said Galloway. “We’re bringing everyone together to have a conversation about what’s going on in the classrooms.”

Information gathered will help recognize learning trends in the district, according to Maureen Taggart, high school principal and district communications coordinator.

“I think it’s going to help identify the root causes concerning our pupil and student academic achievement,” Taggart said, adding educators will be able to form academic strategies for bettering pupil and student achievement. “We can then identify (any issues).

“We’re grateful to have these resources available to the district, and we’re looking forward to a long, meaningful relationship with Eagle Rock School,” Taggart continued.