Tommy McAree

2018/2019 Public Allies Teaching Fellow in Literature & Literacy

Tommy grew up in Ithaca, NY and loved it so much that he stayed there to pursue a degree in English at Ithaca College. Since graduating, he’s been bouncing all over and exploring the ways in which he’s best suited to serve others. He’s worked as a landscaper, a farmhand, a cow milker, a cheesemaker, a tutor, an English teacher, a Pre-K teaching assistant, a kickball referee, and a bunch of other stuff too. He is very pumped to be here at Eagle Rock and to engage his mind, body, and guts in challenging and supporting students. He likes writing children’s books, playing board games, going on bike rides, and being in transit. Ask him for good book recommendations.

More About Tommy McAree

I’m really moved by people who quietly do kind things and nearly anything that’s out of doors.