From Reseda, California
Spruce House
Second Trimester Student

A Typical Wednesday

We don’t have classes.

  • 6:30am: Wake up, take my shower, put on my intramural clothes.
  • 7:30am: I come to the Lodge for breakfast, I eat eggs with cheese and drink a glass of Apple juice.
  • 8:30am: I go into an hour long gathering, very informational, music at the end is my favorite.
  • 9:30-9:45am: Head to the field of dreams for intramurals. Right now we’re playing Softball. I check in with my team, give a motivational speech to my team, and we play to have fun not to win. You end up playing two games, reffing one game. I love intramurals, because throughout the week we get morning exercise, but we don’t really get to do more physical things. As long as i’m doing something fun and active, winning or losing is no big deal. Especially in volleyball.
  • 12:30pm: Intramurals end. I go home, shower, and wait for lunch.
  • 1:00pm: Lunch. After I eat lunch and go to the studio to work on music and record my own music.
  • 4:00pm: Advisory. I have check ins about my personal life, what’s going on with school work, making sure i’m on track.
  • 5:00pm: Head right back to the studio until dinner.
  • 6:00pm: Eat dinner. After dinner: go back to the studio, sometimes I play basketball in the Human Performance Center. I like playing basketball because I can let out my negative energy in a productive way. I like the competitiveness.
  • 9:00pm: I might have night clean. This means my house and I clean a designated campus building. I usually mop the lodge.
  • 9:30pm: House curfew. The house parent house is open on Wednesday night. We get snacks, play board games in the house, have family bonding.
  • 10:00pm: Wing curfew.
  • 11:00pm: Hang out with the boys wing or watch videos on youtube.
  • 2:00am: Bedtime.