Micah Saugen

2018/2019 Public Allies Teaching Fellow in Science

Micah is excited to be this year’s Public Allies Science Teaching Fellow. Throughout his time growing up in Minnesota, Micah developed an appreciation for the natural sciences and was inspired to challenge the way the world works by one of his teachers. Micah received his Bachelor’s in Environmental Science from Loyola University Chicago in Illinois. Throughout his time at Loyola, Micah completed several engaged learning service projects and worked with multiple non-profit organizations that pushed for ethical, and green, business practices. In addition, Micah engaged in entomology courses and continues to geek out over anything insect related. He is excited to share his passion for learning and working with others. Micah hopes to inspire students to question the way things work through scientific exploration, ultimately lending power to their ability to impact the communities they find themselves in.

More About Micah Saugen

I really love that I have the opportunity to learn about students’ passions.

My favorite thing about Eagle Rock is the sense of community that is formed around here.