Jocelyn Rodriguez

Athletics Coordinator & Spruce House Parent

Jocelyn is coming in after completing her fellowship year in now becoming the Athletics Coordinator for the Human Performance Center. In Jocelyn’s new role within the HPC team, Jocelyn will be responsible for maintaining the Human Performance Center, supporting the Human Performance Fellow, sustaining the basketball team and current partnerships, and coordinating athletic events for the Eagle Rock community. Jocelyn will also be responsible for assisting with intramurals, coaching individuals on fitness goals through morning exercise, and assisting in other campus recreation activities that will be held at Eagle Rock. Before working at Eagle Rock, Jocelyn remained in Delaware for college where she played collegiate basketball at Wilmington University and also completed two years working as a Public Ally in both Delaware and Colorado. Through Jocelyn’s experience as a Fellow at Eagle Rock, she became passionate about creating athletic opportunities for students- athletes on the basketball team to embark on. So, in her new role, Jocelyn is excited to continue to build with the HPC team!

More About Jocelyn Rodriguez

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