Jesse Tovar

Health & Wellness Counselor

Jesse has a masters degree in clinical psychology from Geneva University in Switzerland and has successfully participated in multiple trainings regarding therapy with couples, families and teenagers. He has extensive experience working with teenagers and families in different mental health institutions. Jesse also has been involved in diverse programs relating to violence prevention, community and leadership in multicultural’s settings in different countries. Previous to Eagle Rock School he was directing a training center in Palo Alto, Calif., dedicated to providing professional development to a large variety of professionals working in the mental health and medical fields. Here at Eagle Rock, Jesse provides individual and group counseling, coordinates student mental health services outside the school, coordinates student psychotropic treatments with appropriate providers and provides support to teachers and house parents on campus.

More About Jesse Tovar

I’m really moved by witnessing teenagers working very hard to better their lives.

My favorite thing about Eagle Rock is observing our staff’s consistent efforts to always improve our work with teenagers.