Jack Bynum

Adjunct Outdoor Education Instructor

Jack Bynum is the Adjunct Outdoor Education Instructional Specialist at Eagle Rock School. Jack facilitates the wilderness orientation trip each trimester, laughs a lot and builds community with students in the wild, and makes sure they come back safe every time. Before coming to Eagle Rock, Jack helped build ethically engaged leaders as faculty at the National Outdoor Leadership School and United World Colleges, guided backpacking and sea kayaking trips across Alaska and the American West, taught creative writing in classrooms across Washington State, and worked on several Search and Rescue teams. Jack has spent the last 12 years traversing mountains by foot, bike, boat, and skis but he remembers most the deep connections made with people along the way. He is chanting always: commit without guarantees; we are worthy of love and connection. And trying to carry others along in that chant too.  He has a Wilderness First Responder, Swift Water Rescue Tech, ACA Level 3 Whitewater Trainer, Leave No Trace Master Educator, and an Avalanche Pro 1.

More About Jack Bynum

Students inspire me when they accept the vulnerability of pursuing massive dreams and still work towards them with grit and grace.