Daniel Madson

Technology Associate

Daniel Madson oversees the many aspects of technology at Eagle Rock. He is responsible for the school’s network infrastructure; procurement, management and maintenance of computer resources and peripherals. He also develops and maintains the Eagle Rock School Database. Dan has been in the Estes Park area for 28 years. Prior to his eight years at Eagle Rock, he spent 14 years at the YMCA of The Rockies in Estes Park. He culminated his career at the “Y” as conference services manager. It was his years spent at the YMCA that best prepared him for his role at Eagle Rock. His experiences in working with young adults and an internationally diverse staff have proven very valuable in navigating the Eagle Rock community. Dan also spent six years at Valhalla Resort here in Estes Park. It was a small family operated vacation resort. It was the kind of place where everyone shared in all tasks, from the owners to the newest summer hire. He also spent a summer in Steamboat Springs as a Forest Service Trail crew volunteer. Dan earned an Associates of Applied Science degree in mechanical engineering from Hawkeye Institute of Technology in Waterloo, Iowa.

More About Daniel Madson

I really love how staff and students at Eagle Rock grow and learn together.

My favorite thing about Eagle Rock is it provides students a real opportunity to take charge of their own learning.