Cilly Geranios

2019/2020 Public Allies Fellow in Health, Wellness & Counseling

Cilly is one of our Health, Wellness & Counseling Fellows. She grew up in Big Sky Country (Montana) before heading east for Hamilton College in upstate New York. During her time there, Cilly helped create a sense of community through her work on the student newspaper, The Spectator, as well as in residential life, volunteering at the local hospital, and playing the prop position for Hamilton College’s club-based Women’s Rugby Team.

Cilly recently earned a Bachelor of Arts degrees in creative writing and psychology from Hamilton. And if you were to ask her about comic books, be prepared to settle in for a long, nuanced conversation. Ask her about Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and be prepared for more of the same. Ask her about both to see her spontaneously combust. When she’s not working, Cilly enjoys baking, doodling, Uno league-ing, Netflix-binging, online shopping, writing, weightlifting, and being with her family.

More About Cilly

My favorite thing about Eagle Rock is the collaborative and creative energy.