Chris Lamar

School Counselor

Chris is our School Counselor. Chris works with students to ensure that they are academically successful and on track to reach their full potential. Chris also works on the admissions team to help identify ideal applicants and orient them towards the Eagle Rock experience. Chris has worked as a mental health therapist in a variety of settings, all of which included serving adolescents. As a guide and experiential educator for Where There Be Dragons (WTBD), Chris spent several years traveling throughout Latin America, carrying out courses for teenagers eager to experience new worlds. Before becoming a therapist and educator, Chris worked in international development, helping small farmers and other marginalized communities throughout the developing world work towards a more equitable, just future. Chris earned his undergraduate degree from Villanova University and his master’s degree from Naropa University.

More About Chris Lamar

I really love art.  Whether it be throwing pots in the studio or trying to write something beautiful, engaging my creative spirit is always time well spent.