Sunday, September 15 Flood Update

Greetings from Eagle Rock! First let me tell you that campus continues to be in pretty good shape. Staff are safe and we are monitoring this natural disaster closely. At the current time much of the State, including Estes Park, is still in emergency response mode. The focus is on life safety issues. The Town of Estes Park is stretched to the max with utilities, food, gasoline, and other basic necessities. While there are ways in and out of town, it is very clear that more people will only make matters worse. Town officials are asking all part time residents & visitors who do not need to be here to leave. Until the situation stabilizes, we cannot bring students back to campus.

Here's our current thinking as of Sunday September 15th about the start date. Our goal is to give students a week's advanced notice about the start date so families/sponsors can make appropriate travel plans. At this time we've decided that we will not begin the trimester any earlier than September 28. We are not certain that the 28th will be THE start date but we are sure that it won't be before that time. We are asking that students, parents, & sponsors do not make definitive travel plans until we confirm a start date. We simply do not have enough information at this time to know for sure when we'll be back in session. Students – please check your Eagle Rock email for more details. We will also be blogging about this situation. Now would be a great time to subscribe to the blog and keep up with all the Eagle Rock news.

We will continue to monitor the flood situation and determine what the actual start date will be for the school. Our plan is to post updates twice a week (Wednesdays & Fridays). Please check back here as this will be the best place to find out the latest information.

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