Professional Development Center Offerings

Ready to re-engage youth in their own education? Here are some of the services we offer through our Professional Development Center:


We would love to show you our beautiful campus! All tours must be arranged in advance by calling (970) 586-0600 and speaking with our front desk. Tours take about one-and-a-half hours and involve a good deal of walking (so be sure to wear comfortable shoes) Tours occur year-round and in any kind of weather, so please dress appropriately! You may also take our Interactive Campus Tour right here on our website.

Facilitate Nationally

Our professional development center staff are school change consultants who work with select networks of public secondary schools, districts and non-profits convening networks of secondary schools to facilitate school change revolving around re-engaging disengaged youth.  Our facilitative approach emphasizes solutions being rooted in a school’s context and growing out of existing assets.  Inquire about an Eagle Rock Professional Development consultation today.


visitus1Eagle Rock hosts educator visits that last anywhere from half-a-day to a week (a typical visit is Monday – Wednesday or Wednesday – Friday). Individuals or groups are welcome. Groups may be role-alike or composed of a mixture of people responsible for the education of young people (e.g., teachers, support staff, superintendents, central office staff, boards of education, state department personnel, policymakers, etc.). Visits are custom-designed to meet the purposes of visiting individual or group. Please use the Eagle Rock Contact Form to inquire about arranging a visit.  Additionally, we look for educators to serve on Presentation of Learning assessment panels at the end of each of our three trimesters.

Teacher Licensure

Offered through our Fellowship Program in partnership with the Colorado Department of Education and Public Allies, Inc.


One year, residential opportunities for emerging educators and youth workers with an interest in education and youth development. Room, board, stipend, health insurance, and scholarship are provided. (Public Allies is a partner with Eagle Rock in sponsoring these Fellowships. For more information, please visit the Eagle Rock Public Allies site.)


From one trimester to one year in length, our residential intern opportunities (i.e., room and board is provided) for educators with an interest in education and youth development offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For more information, please download the Eagle Rock Internship info sheet (PDF).

Pre-Student Teaching Practicums

Hours and activities vary depending on practicum requirements. Our Pre-Student Teaching Practicum is residential with room and board provided. For more information, please download the Eagle Rock School Pre-Student Teaching Practicum info sheet (PDF).

Student Teaching

Interested in student teaching at our residential high school in Estes Park, Colorado? Your coordinating teacher will be one of our certified Instructional Specialists, with additional mentoring provided by our Professional Development Center staff. Student teachers are provided with on-campus room and board. (Please note: You must extend from the beginning of one of our three trimesters until the end of that trimester, even if those dates do not match your college or university dates.) For more information, please download the Eagle Rock School Student Teaching info sheet (PDF).

Graduate Practicums

Hours and activities vary depending on requirements of your practicum. Graduate practicum opportunities at Eagle Rock include room and board. For more information, please download the Eagle Rock Graduate Practicum info sheet (PDF).


Practicing teachers or administrators may propose a residency for any period of time at Eagle Rock. The work of the residency might be entirely research, entirely teaching-based or some combination of the two, with objectives that benefit both Eagle Rock and the teacher/administrator in residence. Residency opportunities include room and board. For more information, please download the Residencies at Eagle Rock info sheet (PDF).

Research Opportunities

Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center is pleased to support researchers pursuing a Master’s or Doctorate degree. Research proposals need to be approved by the applicant’s college/department and Eagle Rock. Eagle Rock staff are able to serve on the applicant’s committee if needed.  (Please note: Our students’ parents/guardians have already signed releases that provide Eagle Rock and those associated with our approved research projects access to data.) For more information, please download the Research at Eagle Rock info sheet (PDF).

Publications and Presentations

Eagle Rock staff and students deliver and participate in presentations at conferences and events around the country. Dozens of publications, two books about Eagle Rock (The Other Side of the Curriculum: Lessons For Learners and Engaging the Disengaged – How Schools Can Help Struggling Students Succeed) and a film about our new student orientation process are also available. Please use the Eagle Rock Contact Form to ask for our help related to publications and presentations.

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