We have the privilege of supporting some of the most talented people working in education today. Below is just a small selection of the testimonials we’ve received, illustrating the ways in which the Eagle Rock Professional Development Center has been able to impact schools and programs throughout the country in the effort to reengage youth in their own education.

I met Michael Soguero and Dan Condon of Eagle Rock’s Professional Development Center at a convening of the Coalition of Essential Schools’ Small Schools Network more than 10 years ago. At the time, I was Executive Director of Amy Biehl High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I was ambitious about working with the Professional Development Center to help me think deeply about improving my school.

Since that time I have co-founded four schools under the umbrella of the Leadership High School Network, and Eagle Rock’s Professional Development Center has been instrumental in helping to design and implement each one. I simply could not do my work without them.

~ Tony Monfiletto, Director, New Mexico Center for School Leadership

A few months back we brought in staff from Eagle Rock Professional Development Center to lead our team in launching a Professional Learning Community (PLC). The two days of training were like a breath of fresh air, giving us a sorely needed opportunity to work on our own professional development, while providing us with practical tools for supporting our nationwide network of National Service Professionals.

Since the training our team has continued to practice the tools we learned on a weekly basis, both for the benefits they are providing us (building trust, getting through work challenges, reflecting and processing) and so that we can use the tools in our consultancy with our network of staff in 23 cities across the country. Each week we look forward to the chance to come together as a PLC and develop our skills with these facilitation tools, and every week we continue to be amazed at how different, how affirmed, how unified, and how strong our team feels when we actively engage in the tools and practices we learned from Eagle Rock.

Thanks Eagle Rock for the work you do. It matters, it is needed, and I look forward to the next chance we have to learn together.

~ Javier Alaniz, National Site Consultant and Training Manager, Public Allies National Office

I’ve been working with the team at Eagle Rock for almost 10 years and have found their faculty and staff to be creative, innovative professionals with a strong sense of what they believe and what they know to be good for kids and teachers. They are committed to the work, committed to their vision, and committed to the students they serve.

~ Laura Thomas, Director, Center for School Renewal, Faculty, Antioch University New England