June 12, 2014

CSR Initiative of American Honda Continues Work with South Burlington High School

The Professional Development Center at Eagle Rock will continue education renewal work in collaboration with South Burlington High School on June 16 & 17, 2014.

Eagle Rock will facilitate end of year professional development for South Burlington High School staff – All Vermont schools are shifting to proficiency based graduation systems. We are leading two days of all staff learning to support that shift. We are identifying proficiencies by department on day one and looking at assessments on day two.


About Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock, a nonprofit Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of the American Honda Motor Company, is both a school for high school age students and a professional development center for educators. The school is a year-round, residential, and full-scholarship school that enrolls young people ages 15-17 from around the United States in an innovative learning program with national recognition.

The Professional Development Center works with educators from around the country who are interested in engaging in education renewal and reform. The Professional Development Center works with educators committed to making high school a more engaging experience for our country’s youth.

We envision this country’s high schools as high functioning centers of engagement and learning. We accelerate school improvement and support implementation of engaging practices that foster each students’ unique potential and help young people use their minds well.

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