Please join me in helping Eagle Rock School

Please join me in helping Eagle Rock School (ERS) raise funds for our Graduate Higher Education Scholarship Fund!

How can you help?

Every year, thousands of numbered rubber ducks are released into the river in downtown Estes Park… and the race is on! The idea is simple, the fastest ducks to reach the end of the race win prizes for those who’ve “adopted” ducks. The more ducks you adopt, the better chance you have to win a prize, but more importantly, for every duck purchased $22 out of every $25 goes towards the ERS grad fund. More details can be found here: and here

To Purchase a Duck:

  1. Simply point your camera at this QR code     OR open this link

  2. Select the number of ducks you’d like to adopt… don’t miss out on the Quack Pack to get a sixth duck for free!

  3. If you have allegiance to one of the six student houses please name it in the “Seller Section” shown below. At Eagle Rock, every student and staff are assigned a “House,” and our houses are competing to see who can raise the most funds.

Thank you for taking the time to consider helping our Eagle Rock graduates! Any help you provide is truly appreciated. If you’d rather donate less or more funds, directly, you can also donate on our website here:

Thank you and let the fastest duck win!