Leadership Transitions Announced at Eagle Rock

September 4, 2020

Dear Eagle Rock Community,

I’m writing to share that I will be retiring as head of Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center this school year.  As I enter my 21st year at Eagle Rock and 9th as head, I’ve been reflecting on just what an honor it has been to live and work side by side with such brilliant, courageous, curious, and committed students and staff.  And while it has been an absolutely amazing journey, the time has come and Nannette and I are now looking forward to our next chapter together — our “Life After Eagle Rock.”

It has truly been an honor to evolve the vision that Tom Dean, the late Mr. Makoto Itabashi, and founding Head of School, Robert Burkhardt imagined so many years ago.  I’m certain I’ve learned more than I’ve contributed, and I have been touched deeply and changed permanently by so many over my time.  I want to thank our students, staff, parents and sponsors, and the Board of Directors for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to serve.  It has truly been a life changing experience.

I feel really good about where Eagle Rock now stands and am ready to step aside as the next generation of leadership takes the wheel.  We have a strong team and the Board’s plan is a solid one.  As a society, we are living in a very important time.  The pandemic is calling into question the status quo and the racial awakening is transforming the conversation in this country.  The time is ripe for innovation and transformation and the future is bright for Eagle Rock!

As for me, I will miss life on campus – the laughter, the tears of joy and some of sorrow; the fierce competition of intramurals; the aikido grapples in the dojo, the hours of deep conversation; the elusive challenge of getting engagement just right; and the inspiration that comes from being in the company of people so deeply committed to this work and their own transformation.

Finally, there’s a lot of work to do in this upcoming year and I look forward to supporting a smooth transition.  I’m more optimistic than ever about the promise of Eagle Rock and in these challenging times, our mission is at least as important as the day we were founded.  Thank you all, and I look forward to a great final year.

In gratitude,

Jeff Liddle, Head of School



September 4, 2020

Dear Eagle Rock Community,

American Honda Education Corporation is pleased to announce the appointment of Megan Trudy Rebeiro as Head of School at Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center, in Estes Park, Colorado, effective January 2021. Megan will succeed Jeff Liddle, who is retiring this year after over twenty years of exemplary service.

Megan’s experience with Eagle Rock is rich, deep, and diverse, starting in the mid-90’s when she graduated from the school. Since then, Megan has been a sponsor of many Eagle Rock students, has been a guest instructor, and has taken the lessons she learned here and applied those to numerous educational and leadership positions she has held across the country.  Megan returned to Eagle Rock in 2016 to serve as the Director of Students.  During that time, she restructured Student Services to better facilitate a 360˚ approach to student support. Megan was also responsible for the strategic implementation of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) work and in that capacity, she has provided transformational leadership.  In her current role as Associate Head of School, Megan has been working closely with the Board of Directors and Jeff Liddle on completion of  organizational priorities such as the Vision 2020 plan and the launch of our current focus areas. Megan brings boundless energy and an embodied commitment to young people.

With over 15 years in educational leadership, Megan is well-positioned to assume the Headship.  She started working in education in San Francisco in 1999 as an AmeriCorps Fellow, and continued her work in schools, non-profits, local community programs, and some of the largest, and well-respected youth programs across the country. Megan has served young people in roles ranging from teacher and coach to curriculum designer and school leader.  Megan holds a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Massachusetts and a Master’s Degree from Boston University.

Megan lives on campus with her partner, Tara, their 16-year-old daughter, Keeilah, and their two dogs, Olive and KuMi. Megan’s journey proves that Eagle Rock graduates are prepared to make a difference in the world, and we are thrilled to now call her our next Head of School!


Rich Richardson, Board President, American Honda Education Corporation