Lakota Country Times – Open Society Institute had a presence on the Pine Ridge Reservation

Earlier in the Fall, John Willis of Marlboro College in Brattleboro, Vermont, Leonard Little Finger of Oglala, and Glorianna Under Baggage of Red Water received the exciting news that their proposed project was accepted for funding.

The recipient is John Willis—who is a professor of Photography and a long time volunteer in the In- Sight program that comes to Kyle every summer. That summer program is Exposures project.

An initial meeting was held with some of the interested students pictured here along with Mr. Willis and Mrs. Under Baggage.

The focus of the new project is to begin dialogue with our youth and elders on Lakota Heritage and Culture, to learn of the images created by non-natives regarding native populations.

The youth will determine what each believes is important for others to learn and see about native youth today, and will create the art work (photo, spoken word, poetry, art) that will be published.

The portfolio of work will be published in TV, Radio and Print. The entire collection will be archived through a collaborating college so other youth can review, learn and enjoy the images and words by our youth.

This will be a one year project and planning is underway. There will be a visiting group of students from Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center in Estes Park, Colorado that will be partnering with our youth.

The Little Wound youth will be from our Gifted & Talented Education Program (GATE) and will have an intensive GATE Week in February. The Eagle Rock students and teacher will be participating that week along side John Willis, staff from Exposures and teachers from Little Wound.

If your interested in learning more about this project please contact the GATE Coordinators at Little Wound School. They are Tom Anderson at 455-6183 for Middle School, and Glorianna Under Baggage at 454-2892 for High School.

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