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How would you like to be the shepherd of an educational process that serves to support diverse high schools students finding their hidden gifts, talents, & passions rather than figuring out how to get them to pass standardized tests? How would you like to work with a framework that supports creativity and innovation rather than oversee the implementation of specific curricula? Do you think students can be successful without a prescribed amount of particular traditional subjects? Does a boarding school that bases its discipline approach on relationships, respect, and rapport excite you? Does the responsibility for interpreting the constantly fluctuating line between individual staff autonomy and school wide standardization appeal to you? Would you rather be called upon to use good judgment than write a policy manual? How would you like to be part of developing a school that is based on what works best for students rather than figure out how to navigate the latest bureaucratic regulations coming down from above? Eagle Rock has a current opening for our director of curriculum position.

At ERS & PDC, our five directors (head of school, director of professional development, director of curriculum, director of students, director of operations) work closely together. We care about each other’s success, work hard across areas of responsibility, and hold each other accountable to a common vision. We are committed to our students and through that experience, contributing to progressive secondary school reform efforts across the country.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out our website ( to get a better feel for the School and Professional Development Center. What you won’t likely see there though is the feel of the school. This “feel” is captured well in a commendation from our most recent AdvancEd accreditation report:

"The collaboration among students, staff, and leadership has helped create a culture of loyalty and ownership throughout the school. In all observations and interviews with staff, students, and leadership, it is apparent that all stakeholders have a role in the decision-making process at the school. There is an atmosphere of trust and loyalty to the school and people. Eagle Rock School is extremely unique in its mission, vision, and passion to aid students by giving them a second chance to be successful in school and in life. This would not happen without mutual trust and loyalty. A culture of loyalty and trust is critically important to the learning environment."

We’ll be honest; ERS & PDC isn’t for everybody. If you believe students need to be “taught lessons,” you think instructors should be told what to teach, or that directors should not be involved in the daily lives of students, this school is not for you. If you are looking for a job rather than a lifestyle, you won’t fit here. But if you’ve got boundless energy, an inherent trust in the creative capacity of teachers, a deep desire to work on both systematic school wide initiatives and with individual students, and you have ambitions to impact secondary education nationally you need to apply!

Go to for more information on how to get started.

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