Honda CSR – Beyond Test Scores: Eagle Rock Pioneers New Metrics in Education

Successful companies rely on extensive sets of data to make decisions and evaluate performance. One universally recognized problem facing our education system is that schools do not do the same, and instead rely solely on simplistic measures of performance including test scores and graduation rates. This week, the Eagle Rock Professional Development Center is working with the New Mexico Center for School Leadership and the McCune Charitable Foundation on a groundbreaking project that seeks to identify new metrics that go beyond test scores and assess how well schools are preparing students to use both inter-personal and academic skills to creatively solve problems. It’s one of the many ways the Professional Development Center at Eagle Rock is helping schools around the country solve tangible problems on the ground while shaping the national narrative about student engagement and scholastic achievement. Check out this video for an eloquent assessment of the importance of this project from Henry Rael of the McCune Charitable Foundation.

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