Harrison News-Herald – Harrison Central’s administrators and teachers attend teaching workshop


By Ed Banks, News-Herald Staff Writer

CADIZ – As we make our way through life, there is one thing that is essential to all of us. That essential is learning. Though our learning may come in diverse forms, from the crib to eternity, what and how we learn is a continuous process. In our learning there will be times when what we absorb may need a tune-up, or just as importantly, a new approach to the way we accomplish things. On Friday, February 19th, 2016, administrators and teachers at Harrison Central Junior and Senior High Schools attended a workshop on ‘Project Based Learning’. Both school principals and six teachers were in attendance. The workshop was conducted by the Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center, and was centered on an approach to student involvement called “Project Based Learning”. “Brent Ripley and Ken Parker approached me about coaching their staff on the implementation of project based learning,” said Eagle Rock Associate – Anastacia Galloway. The three of us had the pleasure of meeting following a workshop we conducted for the Jefferson County ESC’s Principal Academy.

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Eagle Rock is both a Residential High School and Professional Development Center. We are one-hundred percent funded by American Honda, so the training we provide is free. We are really excited to be collaborating with Harrison Central on how to get their students more engaged in their education through project-based learning. I am from the area. I graduated from Brooke High. My mom grew up in East Liverpool, and my father grew up in Weirton. “I still have family all over the valley, so I’m really excited that I’m able to bring this resource to a place in the country that means a lot to me,” she added! Anastacia and Michael Soguero conducted the workshop. Both are former educators and enjoy the opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge. Project based learning not only allows for project development and changes in practices, but also provides for options in teaching for the instructors and how the kids learn. Eagle Rock’s workshop on Friday provided the administrators and faculty the core values and methods of the project based learning. The intentions coming out of the workshop is for those participating in the learning would train the remainder of the educators in the district. “We believe that when the students are engaged with the education that they are receiving, school will become fun,” Anastacia went on!

They will learn that school is not about just taking tests. We want people to get good educations. In the past it seemed that those with wealth got to access the good in life. “In what we do, we want there to be a fair playing field accessible to everyone,” she concluded.