Estes Park Trail Gazette – Third annual Earth Fest invites community support

An earth- and winter-wise festival will warm the hearts and souls of visitors during the Martin Luther King holiday weekend over Jan. 15-16, 2010, in Estes Park. The third annual Estes Earth Fest will be held at the Stanley Hotel, in conjunction with activities planned throughout Estes Park over the Winter Festival weekend.

Eagle Rock School & Professional Development Center, in cooperation with the Stanley Hotel, Transition Colorado, EcoTech and Sustainable Mountain Living, invites community participation in the Earth Fest, recognizing and honoring Native roots and Mother Earth.

“The Estes Earth Fest focuses on respecting nature, building relationships, living sustainably, re-localizing our economy, and working together across and through our diversity,” organizer John Guffey of Eagle Rock said. “We are excited to say that this year`s festival will once again bring great booths, speakers and music, as we continue to explore the cutting-edge of life in community.

“Eagle Rock students are concerned for the future of humanity, and for the earth. Connections are being made that bring global issues into focus at the local, personal level. We are not happy with the way the environment or the economy is being managed. We are not satisfied with the status quo. We understand that our energy use and consumer habits are tied to climate change, environmental degradation, the military-industrial complex and the abusive exploitation of people and resources by a wasteful and corrupt system that is racking the world. We are being called to action. Students today are looking for a different path into the future. We want change, we want it now, and that is why we`ve organized the Estes Earth Fest. We invite you to join us on this path of change. Attend the third annual Estes Earth Fest and help move the world to action for sustainable living and a sane and harmonious world,” Guffey said. He invites community members to:

Apply for a booth or workshop

Become a sponsor for the festival

Put the date on your calendar and attend with your family and friends

Check out the weblog at:

Spread the word.

Proceeds from the Earth Fest event will go to the Eagle Rock School Graduate Fund. Eagle Rock has the motto: ” All Who Dare!” For more information see:, call the school at (970) 586-7115 or e-mail Guffey at

“With the earlier start in planning, wider and deeper support for the project and some strategic developments such as a new location, groundbreaking work with Transition Colorado and a collaborative partnership with the new Winter Festival in Estes Park, I think this year`s Estes Earth Fest will be more exciting and significant than ever for Estes Park and the region. We`re looking for more booths and workshops on solar and wind energy options, funding opportunities for communities such as ours, some new plans for transportation, and other developments in areas of renewable energy, ecotourism, building a local living economy, sustainability, and transition. We expect the festival to be of interest to people, young and old, in small mountain towns of Colorado as well as people from the Front Range and beyond who are looking for answers to questions about how to survive and thrive in the 21st century. We`d like to create a model of ‘community building` wherein people attending the festival will recognize the value of cooperation and civic coordination coming into play. We want to demonstrate how Estes Park can become a model of economic health and prosperity through collaborative exchange (interdependence), respect and appreciation for diversity, civic engagement, responsibility and care for the environment, i.e., living in harmony with nature, and exemplifying the integration of best practices in technological innovation,” Guffey said.