Estes Park Trail Gazette – For Immediate Release: Estes Park Youth Day of Action and Service Learning

Laurie Dale Marshall EVICS – For the Trail Gazette

This Friday, January 20, the energy in Estes Park will be fueled by over one hundred local youth as they participate in Estes Park Youth Day of Action and Service Learning.  This day of community service is a collaborative effort of the Estes Valley Library, Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center (EPNRC), Eagle Rock School, and Estes Thrives.  The event highlights the Youth In Action program of the Estes Valley Library Teen Zone.

The youth of Estes Park will give back by performing service projects at ten sites throughout the community.   The youth will not only be helping by getting their hands dirty, but will also engage with local nonprofits and civic groups to learn more about the work they do and the decision-making process of the organizations.

Youth In Action promotes strong community ties and involvement among youth, striving to foster a lifelong engagement in civic and philanthropic service.  This Friday’s day of service learning will act as a launch pad, igniting an ongoing relationship between the Estes Park community and local youth.  The format for the day builds upon the service component that is an essential part of Eagle Rock School.

After a day of service work and learning, youth will lead a debriefing session from 2:00 to 3:00pm in the Town Hall.  This will be a time for all participating organizations, youth, and interested community members to come together to reflect on the day.  Youth will share experiences and organization representatives will reflect on the involvement of youth as a community resource.  Community members are invited to join us for this reflection time to learn how they might be encouraged to support the engagement of youth as influencers in our community.

To help us celebrate the unique knowledge, experiences, and perspective of local youth, our Mayor will proclaim Friday, January 20 as Estes Park Youth Day of Action and Service Learning at a breakfast for participating youth and organizations.   Help us extend the energy of this day by encouraging the engagement of local youth toward inspired growth of Estes Park.  For more information on Youth In Action or this Friday’s event, contact Teen Librarian Laurie Dale Marshall at