Estes Park Trail Gazette – Estes Valley Library hosts eagle rock school art Exhbit

The Estes Valley Library is currently hosting a special exhibit of artwork created by students from Eagle Rock School. The exhibit was coordinated with the assistance of Eagle Rock art teacher Cynthia Elkins and offers a vibrant and thoughtful array of new work in a variety of media. Included in the exhibition are a variety of pieces inspired by a self-portrait theme.

The arts at Eagle Rock School are rooted in guiding students in how to communicate effectively. Students are required to communicate with art by telling their story, conveying what they are passionate about, as well as what they are thinking and feeling in the moment. The school holds students to both State and National Standards for Arts Education, with the expectation that they reach a proficient to advanced ability in the technical aspects related to a particular medium. Students practice the rules of composition, color theory, the elements of art, and principles of design so they can break the rules intelligently to their advantage.

Literacy is an integral part of the program. Students read and write about their work and the work of other artists while discovering what is most important. Students practice giving and receiving feedback. During critiques, students identify the most dominant elements of art and principles of design and explain how those benefit their intentions. Spontaneous experimentation and planned execution of art is practiced and encouraged. Developing skills in effective communication are at the core of Eagle Rock School’s requirement for success with the arts.

With only one exception, all of the works in the Library exhibit were created in the last several months. Questions about the project and general feedback are encouraged and may be emailed to Cynthia Elkins at At the school, Elkins is currently being assisted by Catherine Graham, who is serving as the Visual Art Public Allies Americorps Fellow.

The Eagle Rock exhibition at the Library will be on display through the month of January. The public is encouraged to visit the Library’s second floor to see these works.

For more information, contact the Library at (970) 586-8116 or visit

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