Estes Park News – Junior Election Sponsored By The League Of Women Voters

All Estes Valley residents ages 5-17 are eligible to vote in the Junior Election sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Estes Park. I prefer the term “practice” election to “mock” election, since it will be the high school student’s last opportunity to hone their voting skills before the next Presidential election.

The current election will, whatever the outcome, make changes in our lives, young and old. Many adults remember their first real election, discovering the complexity of the legalese wording, the hidden nuances of issues unaddressed, the impossibility of doing complete research in the voting booth. “Practice makes perfect” and the intent of the Junior Election is to prepare our young voters so that the exercise is familiar when they become of age.

Age appropriate races vary from K-2 President only to the 6 candidate races on the high school ballot. Middle school and high school ballots also contain some of the amendments. For those who do not have one, print Colorado “Blue Books” to help your students prepare for the election, and LWV Issue Booklets, in English and Spanish, are available at the Library. Additionally, can also assist in researching the candidates.

Ballots are now available. Estes Park Middle and High School (full time) students will vote at school, as will students of Eagle Rock and of Voyager Montessori School. EP full time 5th graders will vote with the Middle School. Any other educational organization wishing to participate, please contact us for ballots.

EP Elementary School students, grades K-4, along with Estes residents who use less traditional forms of education (home schooled, on-line schools, school outside of the Estes Valley) – please get your ballots from the Estes Valley Library. Take them home, peruse them, dissect them, discuss them, fill them out, and bring them back to the Library ballot box to vote. The “polls” are open. We are looking forward to your input.

Families, and educational classes: Please discuss why and how we vote, as well as the pros and cons of the races and issues before us. Leadership is not only about completing the job at hand, it is about preparing the next generation to lead.

Students: Your vote is your own. Think before you ink and speak up in discussions. A well-considered opinion can have an effect on those ofus who are voting age. Then — vote your conscience for what you believe is best.

Local newspapers will publish the results, which will also be announced at the EV Library “Election Result Watch” activity and covered by other news outlets.

Questions or comments? Contact Judi Smith.