Cooperative Community Schools – A Place That Reflects the _Hope of the World_

As the calendar year opens we see a surge of change, locally and globally. With schools like Cooperative Community Schools (CCS) poised to deliver new teaching and learning practices to children, Colorado sits at the forefront of such change. Everyone believes education is our future; we believe no idea or social action could be timelier than a teacher-led cooperative. Our commitment at CCS is to individual learning, experiential education and community service that cultivate social-civic opportunities. CCS values service-based learning that aligns education with potential and fulfillment. Time Magazine recently highlighted 10 changes that reflect the hope of the world. Atop the list is the call for democracy and peaceful cooperation. In this spirit, CCS aspires to best-practice education that is change making. A model of change like ours is found in permaculture principles: mimicking patterns in nature and doing what naturally works.

The Time article entrusts us to own less and share more. In this way, CCS will integrate its operations through transparent, collaborative practices where students, teachers and community work to build an enlightened society that thrives beyond the schoolhouse. Through service- and project-based learning, civic engagement and collaboration, CCS will fulfill its promise and deliver a new bottom line: learning before profit.

CCS proposes that justice, equality and access to knowledge are the core of educational change. Differentiated staffing, paraprofessionals and volunteer workers will be integrated into a supportive “mastery” alliance. Let’s clear the way for a school that sets the bar for education, in a place where children and adults work to fulfill a better and brighter tomorrow.

Monthly Featured Board Member: John Guffey, Service Learning Instructional Specialist at Eagle Rock School & Professional Development Center

John Guffey comes to the CCS board with more than 20 years of progressive education and civic engagement experience in non-profit, K-12 and higher education settings. He has successfully started two service-learning and civic engagement programs and built a base of excellence across diverse communities and institutions.

John has equally strong skills in areas of program development and instruction, and is committed to community outreach and sustainable society. He is an effective communicator, leader and problem solver.

John is dedicated to teamwork and uses his energy and drive to achieve and surpass the goals of the organizations he serves.