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School Reform Initiative Blog – Flipping PD – My Experience at the SRI Winter Meeting

By Anastacia Galloway Reed When people think of professional development, typically the first thing that comes to mind is a room with someone at the front speaking information probably using some type visual aids.  And don’t forget the eager participants jotting down notes (or daydreaming if the content isn’t engaging).  What if professional development was […]

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SRI Blog – SRI Pre-Service Summer Retreat 2017

 by Anastacia Galloway Reed Years ago at a breakfast meeting during a Winter Meeting, Jonett Miniel brought together some folks working with pre-service educators. On June 19 & 20, 2017 we hosted our second summer retreat at Eagle Rock School & Professional Development Center.  Along with Eagle Rock staff Anastacia Reed, Michael Soguero and Dan Condon, SRI […]

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Estes Park Trail Gazette – Eagle Rock and Estes Park School District partner in Liberatory Design Thinking workshop

The Professional Development Center at Eagle Rock and Estes Park Schools have created a partnership that allows Estes Park to benefit from the nationally-renowned work done by Eagle Rock. Together, Estes Park School District R-3 and Eagle Rock used a process of Neighborhood Learning Conversations. These conversations helped the District discover what skills the Estes […]

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Getting Smart Podcast – High Quality Professional Development at Eagle Rock

By Emily Liebtag High-quality learning is often a result of great teaching and student-centered learning environments. We know from John Hattie and his work in Visible Learning that a teacher is one of the most important factors when it comes to student outcomes. Michael Soguero, long-time educator and current Director of Professional Development at Eagle Rock, fully supports […]

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Dreamer Diaries Fall 2016 – Program Staff Creates Plan to Improve Reading & Writing Performance

On September 24th, “I Have a Dream” program staff engaged in a day-long Improvement Science session with Dan Condon, Associate Director of Professional Development at Eagle Rock Professional Development Center. At the end of the day, the session had generated prototype projects to help our program staff in improving student reading and writing performance. The […]

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Big Picture Learning Blog – Finding your tribe

We were gathered for three days in the mountain town of Estes Park, Colorado, to explore what it means to be a coach for Big Picture Learning. We had a chance to examine our own questions and dilemmas and to practice strategies for supporting our colleagues in designing schools where learning is personal and communal; based on students’ interests; and grounded in real world learning experiences.

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Join us at Eagle Rock for a School Reform Initiative Critical Friendship Seminar

The needs of our schools call for sharing our expertise and perspectives to reach each student and develop a collaborative community. Together, we can challenge assumptions and habits that prevent us from reaching all students, support robust practices, and explore assets and strengths we each bring to our work together and individually.