Antioch Center for School Renewal Offering Critical Skills Institute at Eagle Rock

Critical Skills Program

Gain valuable support and experience by sharing with classmates.The Critical Skills Institute, held at Eagle Rock from June 8 – 11, 2014, is an intensive course to introduce participating educators to all the dimensions of the Critical Skills teaching model.

The Critical Skills Program offers educators a set of powerful learning experiences in support of classroom and school change initiatives.

Using the model of the Critical Skills Classroom, we help you to develop a cohesive approach to address many of the challenges faced by educators today:

-implementing the Common Core State Standards

-designing real-world, problem-based learning experiences

-shaping safe, collaborative classroom and school cultures

-integrating critical skill development with content learning

-implementing competency-based assessment practices

-achieving substantive and compelling learning for students

Our program faculty and staff are experienced master teachers and leaders who have significant experience and success implementing this Critical Skills Classroom model and have completed advanced Critical Skills and leadership training. This program has been bringing the Critical Skills Classroom to schools throughout New England and elsewhere for more than twenty years.

“Critical Skills gave me the framework and the rationale to do what I knew was right for children. It helped me create experiences in the classroom with a larger vision in mind.”—Bonnie Irwin Fifth/Sixth Grade Teacher, Thetford Elementary School

The Critical Skills

The Critical Skills were identified through an extensive and unique collaboration among educators, business people, government officials, and community leaders. The work of this taskforce was to examine and articulate the skills critical for success to meet the many demands in today’s complex and everchanging world. These are the skills needed by all graduates from our schools and should be a classroom focus, alongside the subject matter, at all grade levels.

Problem Solving Critical Thinking
Decision Making Creative Thinking
Communication Collaboration
Organization Leadership

Learn more & Register for the Colorado Critical Skills Program Institute here.

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