Eagle Rock School: Willow (Fellows) House

Year Built:


Size of Building:

xxxx square feet

Building Purpose:

At the edge of our living village is a large communal staff house called Willow. This is where our teaching fellows reside. Each year, we recruit a diverse group of future educators to engage in a year-long teaching and leadership program in partnership with Public Allies, an AmeriCorps national program. The 12 Public Allies teaching fellows share the 8-bedroom house, which has a kitchen, laundry room, dorm-style bathrooms, and two living-room spaces. Bedrooms are shared – each fellow has a roommate and a spot in a bunk bed. Willow also houses interns that typically stay and work at Eagle Rock for one trimester at a time. Navigating chores, communal work/play spaces and house meetings, housemates learn what it takes to live in respectful harmony with one another.