Eagle Rock School: Lodge

Year Built:


Size of Building:

7,044 square feet

Building Purpose:

The lodge is the heartbeat of the community when the community desires a space to nourish themselves with food, snacks, coffee, tea, and water, socialize, or simply unwind.

The kitchen is a nonstop working classroom where students lend their support to the chefs in the kitchen. The students learn life skills while giving back to the community in exchange for an exceptional education.

The building is comprised of three main areas. The hearth is where the community gathers on a regular basis to share, discuss ideas, voice concerns, and display talents.

The lodge is the place where the community gathers to take time from a busy day to eat.

The kitchen is where the chefs prepare the meals with the assistance of the student body.

The kitchen is also used as an educational setting where students develop skills such as punctuality dependability, work ethic, while sometimes leading and working with their peers.

Within the confines of the kitchen are the walk-in cooler, freezer, dry storage areas.

During explore week the kitchen is a place where the new students returning from wilderness are introduced to the often hectic and fast paced environment of the food industry.

They learn safety and sanitation skills, knife skills, how to operate kitchen equipment, while honing their work habits.

The kitchen is also utilized during this week as a space where students learn skills like how to break down a whole chicken, stock and soup making, bread and pastry baking.

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