Eagle Rock School: Learning Resource Center

Year Built:


Size of Building:

8,041 square feet

Building Purpose:

The Learning Resource Center is Eagle Rock’s hub of academic development. It is the home of the Instructional Specialists Office where Instructors and their Fellows collaborate on course planning and student engagement. Much like the PDC, the IS Office utilizes the open workspace concept.

The Eagle Rock Library is hosted in the LRC. It offers approximately 5,000 volumes cataloged and shelved according to subject matter. The Library floor plan was developed to facilitate multiple work and study areas. The Library has a computer lab available for student academic and recreational use. We’ve recently completed becoming a branch of the Estes Valley Library.

The LRC also houses four classrooms; Sage, Yarrow, Lichen and Cinquefoil. A fifth space, Kinnikinnik, was added on in 2008. Kinnikinnik serves as a classroom, computer lab and common conference space for staff and student functions. All classrooms are set up with projectors, speakers and screens. Classrooms utilize a circular style table arrangement that encourages equal engagement from all participants.

The LRC Amphitheater is a common area used for community meetings, course instruction, POL presentations and academically related multimedia presentations. It is equipped with an HD projector and sound system.

Most of Eagle Rock’s technological assets are staged from the LRC. The campus’ WiFi network, desktop and laptop computers, printers, and audiovisual equipment (and more) are all managed by LRC Staff.

Classrooms include:

  • Lichen
  • Sage
  • Yarrow
  • Cinquefoil
  • Kinnikinnik