Eagle Rock School: Art Building

Year Built:


Size of Building:

3,915 square feet

Building Purpose:

The Art building is composed of several different studio spaces. The upper part of the building has a large wood shop, and a ceramics and glass studio combined. We have potter’s wheels, 2 electric kilns, capabilities to create in stained glass, torched glass, and fused glass. There is also a large storage space that is shared by the art, wood shop, and service departments. Downstairs the building has a large open studio that is multi functional. We keep two large cabinets full of community supplies for everyone on campus to have access to arts and crafts supplies. In the lower building space we offer quilting, drawing, painting, sculpting, and a variety of crafts. Located in the back part of the room there is a black and white film darkroom. Outside along the upstairs section of the building, there is a stone patio where we hold outdoor drawing, sculpting, or writing classes.