Faith Kroma, Eagle Rock Student
Faith Kroma, Eagle Rock Student

“I attended two other high schools but never one quite like Eagle Rock School. I started my Eagle Rock career by spending 25 days in the Gila National Forest in New Mexico as part of the new student orientation program. I have been a part of many Eagle Rock courses including two of my favorites: Democracy Drowning, examining Hurricane Katrina 10 years later, and Courageous Conversations, revolving around racial identity.

One of my favorite times of the week at Eagle Rock is Wednesday. That’s when our living houses compete against other houses in intramurals. Water polo and basketball are my favorites. I also enjoy when my house parents hang out with us in the evening. Personal and academic advising on Wednesday is also a good time.

Unlike many schools, Eagle Rock dedicates time and energy toward personal growth using 8 + 5 = 10 as a powerful set of values. Students and staff spend lots of time holding each other accountable. Presentations of Learning (POLs) are every day occurrences at Eagle Rock, in addition to serving as a celebration of learning for each of us at the end of every trimester.

Student voice and leadership at Eagle Rock is very strong. In fact, a lot of what happens at Eagle Rock is student-led. There are endless possibilities for any club, group, learning experience or activity to become a reality such as students leading a Saturday Seminar. We host a lot of educators at Eagle Rock through our Professional Development Center so they can learn what we do. I even had the chance to help give a presentation with staff and a fellow student.”

— Faith Kroma, Student