Graduate Higher Education FAQ

Yes. With proof of enrollment to a college, university or trade school. You will have to pay for the computer and then submit receipts to ER for reimbursement.

Yes. If you show proof of enrollment, and it is necessary for school related work.

No. This is not the appropriate use of the scholarship funds.

Yes. With proof of enrollment to an institution of higher education. You will need to pay for the pass and then submit a receipt for reimbursement.

No. These are not appropriate uses of the scholarship funds.

Yes. You must show proof of enrollment and purchase the pass and submit the receipt for reimbursement.

Yes. You will need to buy your school supplies and then send the receipts to ER for reimbursement, unless the school bookstore will accept an ER check.

Yes. You will need to enroll and send a tuition bill from the institution. Make sure that they can cash a check from the United States.

Yes. Either send ER a bill in advance, or pay for the non-refundable registration deposit and submit your receipts to ER for reimbursement.

Yes. As long as you can show proof of enrollment, then all you need to do is have your parents send us receipts of payment on your behalf.

Culinary, Plumbing, and Carpentry.

Classes in Bartending School, Aviation, or Dance would be examples of what is possible.

Only your undergraduate loans if you haven’t used your total $8,000 available to you ($2k a year x 4 years).

No. You have to get all necessary paperwork from your school and send it to ER. The institution will not allow us to have access to your bills or personal information.

No. If you owe ER, this needs to be paid prior to you having access to your funds.

No. This is not allowed since; the funds are separate budget from the school budget.

Yes. The checks are written to both you and the institution. We require a co-signature for use of funds.

Yes. But we prefer to send it directly to the college or university.

Yes. It would be extremely helpful to the business office to have your current information on record.

No. We will be cutting checks for the graduate fund once a month. Plan ahead. If you miss one deadline, then you can submit for the next deadline.

Yes. Call ER, and mail or fax in all necessary materials to the business office.

Yes. We will be able to write any letters on your behalf informing them of your available funds.

No. We give out up to $2,000 a year for school expenses only. This is based on our fiscal year, August — September.

No. We currently don’t have an age limit by which you have to use the funds.

Yes. If you don’t go to graduate school then you will not have access to the remaining $6,000 in funds.

No. Fill out the application on-line and submit it to the ER business office by the 10th of every month.

Yes. You will receive an auto generated email after successfully submitting your application. We encourage you to print that page for your records of submission date/time.

Yes. Only if this is school related, and is preventing you from attending school we can help pay for the debt owed.

No. There will usually be someone available to answer questions or take care of cutting the checks.

Call us at ER immediately so we can put a stop payment on the check and re-issue another check to the institution.

No. Call us immediately and inform the institution to send the money back to ER.

No. You will need to ask them to send any money not used for higher education back to ER.

No. Once you submit your application on-line then it will be sent directly to the accountant in the business office. We handle the graduate fund, tracking, reviewing materials and all check disbursements.

No. It depends on how the GHEd Endowment Fund is doing in the stock market. If the stock market takes a hit, then the board might make adjustments to the amount of the scholarship given to the students.

Yes. If you graduated at a time when the scholarship amount was $1,000 a year, then you will now be allowed $2,000 a year.

No. You can only have access to your funds the Saturday after graduation when you receive your diploma from ER.

Yes. Only if you can’t call the business office, otherwise it is better to be in direct communication with ER.

No. All student debt must be paid in full before you have access to the funds.

Yes. The receptionist will direct you to the appropriate person for help.

No. Don’t assume that the business office will remember every students different billing needs. You will need to submit a new application on the 10th of each month.