Eagle Rock has many interesting classes and programs. The program for new students is especially exciting. It includes a Wilderness Trip and lots of time and support for becoming an Eagle Rock student. Here is what new students experience:


One week to prepare for Wilderness Trip: Learning “8 + 5 = 10” deeply (the 10 Commitments must be memorized prior to arrival); conditioning for altitude through hikes; learning how to work with others; working on self-awareness and personal growth; and learning technical skills related to hiking and “leave no trace” camping.

Wilderness Trip

Eagle Rock School New Student Orientation Wilderness TripTwenty-five-day wilderness trip: One week of backpacking and intensive teaching, a second week of backpacking with a focus on group dynamics, leadership, and personal growth, four days of solo reflection, three days of trail service work, and a three-day final expedition.

Run-in: When they return from the wilderness, new students run in the last six miles (without packs!) and are celebrated by students and staff.

Debriefing: New students and wilderness staff reflect on the trip and their personal growth as they prepare for their first Presentation of learning (POL). The POL is presented to the entire Eagle Rock School community and includes a reflection about what the student learned as a result of participating on the wilderness trip.

Eagle Rock School is an equal opportunity provider under special use permits from the Pike and San Isabel and Tonto National Forests.

Transition to ERS

New students learn how to work in the kitchen, use the resources in the library, work on their personal growth, effectively manage their time and work at Eagle Rock, and participate in selected extracurricular activities. They also get help preparing their first POL packet. New students also take their first “regular” academic classes for the final 5 weeks of their first trimester while the continue to work with peer and adult mentors.

Second Trimester

New students are full-fledged members of the ERS community and take regular classes.

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