Grades and records are not the best indicators of whether or not a student should be admitted to Eagle Rock. Instead, the admissions counselors pay attention to the following qualifiers:

1) The student’s commitment to making a change. Even if the student’s parent or sponsor is convinced that Eagle Rock is the right place, only the student’s conviction that change must be made and that Eagle Rock is the right place for that change to be made is a good indicator that the student will succeed at Eagle Rock.

All students CHOOSE to come to Eagle Rock; however, they will continually reconsider that decision as they grow and learn. A traditional saying on Eagle Rock campus is “You choose each day to stay at Eagle Rock.”

2) The student’s understanding of Eagle Rock. Students need to realize that they give up much to come to Eagle Rock (no cars; no mall for hanging out; no alcohol, drugs, tobacco, violence, or sexual relationships) but they gain much, too, in terms of support and love. Expectations for personal and academic growth are high. Eagle Rock is not summer camp.

3) Diversity. With each group it admits, Eagle Rock seeks to balance gender, racial and ethnic characteristics, geographical origins, and economic backgrounds.

4) Options. Eagle Rock tends to admit students who have few or no other options available for completing their high school diploma.

The Inside Track

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