Located in Estes Park, Colorado, with an enrollment of 72 students, Eagle Rock School implements effective and engaging practices that foster each student’s unique potential and helps them use their minds well. Eagle Rock School serves adolescents who are not thriving in their current situations, for whom few positive options exist, and who are interested in taking control of their lives and learning. The school serves to educate currently enrolled students and to provide grounding for our professional development center work of supporting engaging, progressive education practices throughout the United States.

Eagle Rock is a value-driven school. A fundamental philosophy, “Eight Plus Five Equals Ten,” has animated Eagle Rock since its inception. The eight themes serve as guideposts for the overall school design. These themes are monitored by the school’s leadership team to insure that they are alive and well in the school. The five expectations serve as the organizing framework for our academic program. Students have to demonstrate proficiency in each of the five expectations prior to graduation. The ten commitments are the values our students are striving to internalize as they live the experience of Eagle Rock.

Eagle Rock School Values



Individual Integrity

– Intellectual Discipline –
– Physical Fitness –
– Spiritual Development –
– Aesthetic Expression –


– Service to Others –
– Cross-cultural Understanding –
– Democratic Governance –
– Environmental Stewardship –



– Developing an expanding knowledge base –
– Communicating effectively –
– Creating and making healthy life choices –
– Participating as an engaged global citizen –
– Providing leadership for justice –



– Live in respectful harmony with people of all races, cultures, religions, genders and sexual identities, some of whom will have disabilities or different learning styles –
– Develop my mind through intellectual discipline, my body through physical fitness,
and my spirit through thoughtful contemplation –
– Learn how to communicate more effectively in speech and writing –
– Serve the Eagle Rock and other communities through the contribution of my labors –
– Become a steward of the planet –
– Make personal choices that will support healthy living –
– Find, nurture and develop the artist within –
– Increase my capacity to exercise leadership for justice –
– Practice the arts of citizenship and democratic living –
– Devise an enduring moral and ethical code –


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