Michael Soguero

Director, Professional Development

Michael Soguero has been a leader in education reform since 1993 when he was a founding member of Eagle Rock School & Professional Development Center in Estes Park, Colorado. Michael became the Co-Director of the School for the Physical City in New York City and later the Founder and Director of the Bronx Guild where his work was held up as an exemplar of effective small school leadership. Michael served as a lead facilitator within the New York City Leadership Academy teaching aspiring principals. After nearly 10 years in New York City, Michael returned to Eagle Rock as the Director of Professional Development. Since 2006, Michael has partnered with organizations and schools around the country to support high school reengagement. He and his team have worked across 25 states facilitating projects including development of alternative assessments, integration of restorative practices, supporting effective math pedagogy, launching entrepreneurship-focused programs and contributing to leadership development and strategic planning.

More About Michael Soguero

My rock is my wife, Cynthia.

I really love warm weather.

I’m really moved by commercials designed to make you cry.

My favorite thing about Eagle Rock is our willingness to build around how people learn rather than duplicate what schools look like.

Students inspire me when they take leadership.