Jen Frickey

Director of Curriculum

Jen Frickey is our director of curriculum. Jen oversees our academic curriculum and learning experience for students, and supports staff in creating engaging, innovative and experiential learning opportunities for our students. Jen grew up in Ontario, Canada, and her path initially brought her to Eagle Rock in 2001 — first as an intern, then as an instructional specialist and houseparent. After seven years teaching at Eagle Rock, Jen returned to Ontario with her husband, and worked on creating new approaches to supporting youth and foster parents in educational endeavors with Family and Children’s Services of Renfrew County. Four years and two babies later, Jen returned to Colorado in 2013 to become Eagle Rock’s director of curriculum. Jen earned her undergraduate degrees at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and then went on to complete her Master’s Degree in educational leadership while working at Eagle Rock. Jen and her husband, Jimmy, live on campus with their sons, Dylan and Alex.

More About Jen Frickey

My rock is my family.

I really love Ed’s bread.

I’m really moved by students as they share their graduation speech and reflect on their incredible growth and accomplishments at Eagle Rock.