Eriq Acosta

Cultures and Societies Instructional Specialist

Eriq Acosta is of Mexican and American Indian descent and has worked with young people throughout the Unites States. Eriq honed his teaching skills as an experiential educator and trainer with The National Indian Youth Leadership Project in New Mexico.

In fact, it was while supporting that program that he able to bring the organization and the Project Venture curriculum to the Native Indian youth throughout the Southwest.

His passion and work with youth has earned him many honors and has resulted in speaking engagements where he promotes unconditional positive regard and strength-based programs for youth throughout the country. His passion when working with young people is to model principled behavior.

Most recently Eriq spent his time training and mentoring youth at Colorado State University. As the assistant director, Eriq was responsible for the recruitment and retention of Latino youth at Colorado State University. In addition, he served as an adjunct instructor for key communities where his responsibilities included creating and implementing a curriculum that is guided around education and diversity while utilizing the strength-base and experiential education approach.

Eriq earned his bachelor’s degree at Colorado State University. He was elected vice president and president of the Native American Student organization, serving from 2005 to 2006 and attended several leadership exchanges and conferences.

More About Eriq Acosta

I really love working with youth.