Ariana Dabier Moghaddam

Adjunct Outdoor Education Instructor

Ariana Dabier Moghaddam helps run our Outdoor Education department. She is responsible for instructing the new student wilderness course each trimester; managing the outdoor equipment and food of the program; developing the Wall Tent experience during Explore Week, and helping develop curriculum to improve outdoor education at Eagle Rock and beyond. Ariana is passionate about the intersection of social justice in the outdoors, eco-psychology and youth leadership. With a formal education in social work and socio-cultural anthropology, Ariana first began applying those principles in the outdoors leading wilderness therapy expeditions in 2012, where she focused on self-efficacy, self-determination theory and solution focused paradigms through isomorphic experiences in the outdoors. In 2015, she became an outdoor educator for both Eagle Rock and the National Outdoor Leadership School, leading wilderness trips around the country. Her projects and work have since taken her from all-women mountaineering expeditions in Pakistan, to the city limits of Denver climbing with youth. Ariana is a Wilderness Medical Technician (WEMT), a lover of climbing, a student of the world around her, and enjoys communal art and music spaces.

More About Ariana Dabier Moghaddam

Students inspire me when they passionately weave the fabric of their heritage and roots into what they do.