Anna Magle-Haberek

Human Performance Center Instructional Specialist & Lodgepole House Parent

Anna teaches classes in physical education and health, including lifelong fitness, coaching, Run for Your Life, and swimming. She also teaches Red Cross curriculum such as lifeguarding, first aid and CPR. Anna has worked in sports, health and fitness in a variety of positions including as a college track coach, a personal trainer and an EMT/Ranger with the National Park Service. Anna is certified through the Red Cross as a lifeguard instructor, water safety instructor, and a First Aid/CPR teacher. Anna also manages the weekly intramural program here at Eagle Rock during which the entire school participates and competes in a sport that changes every five weeks. She organizes and manages the morning exercise program at 7:15 each morning, which has included 10 different sports/activities from which students can choose. Anna is also a houseparent at Lodgepole House along with her husband Nick. They have a 4-year-old son, Birch, and an infant daughter, River.

More About Anna Magle-Haberek

Students inspire me when they push past their own boundaries.

My favorite thing about Eagle Rock is watching us all come together in intramurals.