Anastacia Galloway

Professional Development Associate & Piñon House Parent

As a professional development associate, Anastacia Galloway does a lot more than just coordinate POLs (Presentations of Learning), recruit panelists and create schedules. In fact, most of her time is spent working with schools and organizations across the country to reengage youth in their own education.

Anastacia says it’s re-imagining what public education can look like in this country. Traveling across the country or working with visiting groups on site, Anastacia supports public schools as they implement new strategies to engage their high school students. What Anastacia loves most about her role is that every aspect of her Professional Development (PDC) center client relationships focus on the strengths and assets of that particular school or organization as everyone works together to re-engage the disengaged through a project or initiative that school has chosen.

Besides her work as the PDC associate, Anastacia is the house parent for Pinon house. In every sense of the word, house parents are parents. She said she is her students’ biggest fan and strongest supporter, and will push them to the edges of their comfort zones, whether that be keeping their areas clean or becoming leaders in the house or throughout the Eagle Rock community. Four nights a week, she opens her home to students where they all cook, make coffee, hang out and otherwise spend time together.

Anastacia graduated as valedictorian from the West Virginia public school system In 2003, and pursued a double major from West Virginia University. After graduating in 2008 with degrees in business and world language, Anastacia worked in West Virginia, Mexico and Nashville before moving to Estes Park, Colo. to work here at Eagle Rock. Anastacia lives on campus with her partner Kevin, and their young son, Luca. When she’s not traveling for the PDC or hosting Pinon House in her home, Anastacia loves spending as much time with her family as possible, hiking, playing outside and skiing.

More About Anastacia Galloway

I really love that every day I use my strengths to make a long-term contribution to a bigger picture — re-imagining education in our country.

My favorite thing about Eagle Rock is the community building that happens during house retreats.