Alexus Bell

2016/2017 Public Allies Teaching Fellow in Science

Alexus has the opportunity to educate, mentor, and design programs for the youth at Eagle Rock School in order to assist their growth into successful individuals. Alexus found working for two year as a teaching assistant in a daycare serving young children four months to three years old, that she had a talent and love in the field of education. While unraveling this passion, Alexus accepted a position as a residential teaching assistant for high school students organizing and coordinating programs to provide a college experience to curious learners. Falling deeper into the field of education led Alexus to a position as a site assist coordinator for a middle school after school program. Within this role Alexus re-structured site management, planned daily program activities, tutored youth, and enhanced day-time school connections with the after school program. In addition, Alexus learned the inter workings of non-profit organizations through her role at the Freedom Writers Foundation. Alexus earned her undergraduate degree at University of California Irvine in Educational Sciences. 

More About Alexus Bell

I really love serving youth and at Eagle Rock I am supported to try new methods to reach our students in a variety of ways,through the classroom, during out of school time, and from interactions within sports.

I’m really moved by the campus intention to create a community that is supportive and inclusive to all individuals.