Graduation Requirements


Eagle Rock School GraduatesAccording to Outcomes/Standards for Student Performance:

  • Learning described according to what students will know and be able to do.
  • Mastery
  • Flexible time for learning/mastery
  • Performance exhibitions, demonstrations, presentations

According to Eagle Rock’s Individualized Learning Plans (ILP’s):

  • Number of Eagle Rock Units (Academic & Personal Growth “boxes)
  • Standards
  • Outcomes
  • Mastery
  • Flexible time
  • Presentations of Learning

Eagle Rock’s curriculum strives to be at least as rigorous as curriculum in public schools and many private schools. Although “time” is not the indicator of credit earned, as it is in most public schools, a comparison of learning time at Eagle Rock and learning time at most public and private high schools is revealing:

  • Students spend 43.5 weeks (as compared to 36) learning during Eagle Rock’s academic year.
  • Of that time, 2,358 hours per year is academic contact time (as compared to 810 hours).
  • If students were to achieve all their graduation requirements at Eagle Rock (as opposed to having some transfer credit), they would spend:
    • 1,345 hours learning English (as compared to 662 hours)
    • 1,609 hours learning Social Studies (as compared to 662 hours)
    • 1,213 hours learning Mathematics (as compared to 496 hours)
    • 396 hours learning Foreign Language (as compared to 165 hours)
    • 942 hours learning PE/Health (as compared to 372 hours)

Of course, some of this time would overlap because Eagle Rock’s integrated curriculum means that a single learning experience may provide a student a chance to master concepts in English, social studies, and science, for example. And, Eagle Rock is less concerned about time spent in class (Carnegie units/credits) than it is about mastery, so time is not an important credential at Eagle Rock.